A Buck’s Fizz Cocktail to Celebrate All Things British

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Ever heard of a Buck’s Fizz? Me either until a few weeks ago. Apparently this is the origin of the Mimosa, invented in London four years before the Mimosa became popular in Paris. The UK version is 2 parts OJ, 1 part Champagne. The French Version is 1 part OJ, 2 parts Champagne. I’m keen on the CajunMama version which is Champagne with a a splash of OJ. So this weekend, when you enjoy the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration in high British style, be sure to pour yourself a few Buck’s Fizz Cocktails to start your morning huzzahs.

Houmas House Mimosas turtle bar or Buck's Fizz Cocktail

The original Buck’s Fizz is said to b named after the original founder of the Private Gentlemen’s Club in which it was invented in 1921. What is called a Buck’s Fizz today is not the actual concoction, which can only be found at Buck’s Club in London and the recipe is supposedly highly guarded. Since it is a private gentlemen’s club today, I highly doubt I’ll get the chance to sample this cocktail at its origin.

I’m guessing this cocktail origin story could be a debated subject, but if it’s true then the story is similar to the Mardi Gras tale of two cities. This Carnival celebration may have originated in Mobile, AL but New Orleans, LA made it big. Same difference. Still love you Brits, all the same.

In honor (honour) of this UK celebration weekend, let’s all call our Mimosas a Buck’s Fizz. I may do this from now on just to see the look of discombobulation on a waiter’s face.