A Trip to Simpson, LA

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The house where my grandmother lived with her five brothers and sisters.

My grandmother(Mimi) and aunt(Robbi) came in for a visit. They live in Alabama. Mimi hasn’t been back to Louisiana since my wedding eleven years ago. We took her to see her sister, Aunt Bonnie. They all grew up in Simpson, Louisiana and a few relatives still live there.

My mom, Robbi (aunt), Stacey (Ruth’s daughter), Mimi, and Ruth (cousin)

We visited Aunt Bonnie and all the cousins stopped by for a chat. I remember spending the night at Aunt Bonnie’s house when I was a kid. All the men would get up early to go hunting. Aunt Bonnie would make the best black iron skillet biscuits and fried backstrap for breakfast. Mmmm!

We made a pit stop on our way out of Simpson at Ruth’s house. She just got home from having bypass surgery. Ruth’s mother, Sadie, is Mimi’s sister. Aunt Sadie lives in Tennessee near Mimi.

My Mom, Mimi, and Robbi

Halfway back to Baton Rouge, we stopped at Lea’s for a piece of pie. Of course, my mother had to bring home an entire pie for my dad. It is good pie, though.

Chocolate Meringue Pie at Lea’s

And we all wonder in our family why we’re overweight. Must be genetics. 😉