Ask Shannon: How can I break into the blog world?

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Hey Shannon I have blog questions

I’m just starting so I know I shouldn’t expect a billion views a day but how did you boost your blog traffic in the beginning?

I’m currently working with someone to make it all pretty so hopefully that will help.

I’m just amazed at how many blogs I’ve never hear of have 19k instagram followers and get free designer clothes all the time and people just send them stuff. Bitches.

How do I join that party? There is so much to learn! Sigh.

My blog is Thanks!

~ Design Industry Blogger

Hey Girl! First suggestion, get your own hosted domain. Being on blogspot limits your traffic and SEO potential (in my opinion). After that, put up a few reviews of products you already have and brands you like. The brands and their reps use Google alerts and monitor what’s being said online about them. Eventually you will get on their radar if you are genuine.

At least get your own domain, whether you self host or not. Looks more professional and that you mean business. Don’t invest too much money into it either, just do it because you like it. I use WordPress self hosted. Went through GoDaddy first go round. Don’t use them, they suck. For other blogs I use and have had success with them. Easy installs and affordable. The main thing is to just get the domain at least.

As far as boosting traffic? I just wrote about what I wanted to and threw it out to the Universe. I did attend a blog conference, BlogWorld, in 2008 and that really helped with the networking and meeting other bloggers. Your friends are your greatest source to boost traffic in the beginning. Quality content is the key.

Let me know how it goes and I’m always here if you have other questions.


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