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Have you ever wanted a purse that was not only stylish and sturdy, but also matches your travel personality? Parazul Handbags and Accessories asked me to check out their products and give an honest review. These fashionable bags have a personality of their own, matching the travel destinations where they are sold. Parazul is currently offered in two collections: Alaska and Caribbean.

Parazul Classic BeigeThe beauty of Parazul that makes it so unique is the ability to build your own bag with the various decorative accessories, based on your favorite travel destinations. The Alaska Collection includes scarves and charms patterned after the culture and wildlife that this rugged land is known for. The Caribbean Collection includes motifs and charms depicting the tropical breezy aura that is beach inspired. You can choose the bag size and color that fits and add your accessories to match your favorite travel destinations.

I tested the Classic Parazul in Beige with an added scarf and shell charm. The total retail price for this bag with extras is $325, which is comparable to other handbags in its class. It’s roomy and holds up well. The fabric lined interior offers pockets that will hold a passport, PDA, pockets for writing tools, and a zippered pocket for those smaller items. There’s still plenty of room to throw in a camera and a small swimsuit. The exterior is a modern, coated canvas, making it easy to clean. Parazul handbags come in a protective aqua blue logo dust bag.

Parazul Handbagsmcan be purchased through their website, but it is also one of those items you may want to bring home from your Caribbean cruise or Alaskan voyage. Many cruise ships carry this line as do high-end shops in ports of call around the Caribbean. I liked this purse so much I even added it to my Holiday Gift Guide. This isn’t just a handbag, it’s a fashion investment.

Want to get 30% off your entire purchase? Use the special discount code PARAZULPERK001 at

Don’t want to wait for your cruise to get your hands on this fabulous bag? Parazul is offering readers of the chance to win your own Parazul Classic Handbag in beige. Just leave a comment stating where you’d take this fabulous bag should you win. Also, for an extra entry, follow @ParazulHandbags and tweet the following:

RT & Follow @ParazulHandbags for a chance to win a Classic Bag on #Parazul

Be sure to leave a comment telling me you tweeted for the extra entry. US entries only please, 18 and older. Contest ends Tuesday, December 15 at 11:59 PM CST. Winner will be announced sometime on December 16.

Review product and giveaway provided by Parazul.

Winner Update: Congrats to Jennifer C whose number (75) was chosen through Hope you enjoy taking your new Parazul Handbag to Mexico. Be sure to send a picture with your purse during your travels!

194 Responses

  1. Margaret Smith

    What a great looking bag. Being that this would be my best bag, I would take this with me everywhere. No need to save it for special occasions. I would enjoy this bag everyday.
    Thanks so much and Happy Holidays.

  2. I would take it to Las Vegas…..

  3. Patricia

    I would take this bag to visit family in Georgia. I would also take this bag just about everywhere.

  4. Katherine M

    Where would I take the bag? Everywhere I go. I would especially love to take it on vacation to Florida this summer.

  5. This bag will be going with me to Miami.

  6. Where ever we went

  7. What fabulous bags! I love the kiwi ones (my fav color–and so hard to find in bags).

    I’d take mine to Thailand the next time I go there to work on the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking. I bet it would hold everything from a notebook, pen, and iPhone, to sunglasses, sunscreen, maps, and camera — and probably even a spare pair of walking shoes.


  8. lynn brannen

    I could take my new pocketbook with me to visit my daughter in Clearwater!

  9. brenda helgeson

    i’d take it to Tuscany Italy

  10. Victoria

    Cancun on my honeymoon!

  11. Jennifer G


  12. Roblyn Honeysucker

    The bag and I would go to St. Lucia!

  13. I would take this lovely bag to Disney to the National Cheerleader Competition in February

  14. Letta Pollard

    I would take this bag home with me to St. Louis!

  15. Stephanie V.

    ooo – everywhere and especially to Las Vegas and our trip abroad next year
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. I would take this to our local theaters annual spring gala.

  17. I would take this bag shopping and lunching. How chic!
    .-= Dot´s last blog ..Snow, Louisiana Style =-.

  18. I would take it to Paris next spring!
    smchester at gmail dot com
    .-= Susan C´s last blog ..December =-.

  19. Danielle

    i would take it everywhere! Out to a nice dinner, on a date, to the movies! Wow it is gorgeous!

  20. Jannet Tseng

    I would take it with me to a shopping mall to do some more shopping.

  21. adrienne Gordon

    It’d go out new years eve.

  22. Jody Tews

    Going to Vegas in March and this purse would be perfect to take there !!

  23. Tari Lawson

    Very pretty. I would take it on my caribbean vacation with me :).

  24. Tracey Byram

    I’ll be travelling to my daughter’s house in Florida over the Christmas holidays and a stunning bag would be wonderful to have with me.

  25. I will use this bag all the time, going out to dinner, shows on vacation…thanks for the great giveaway

  26. Monique Rizzo

    Id take it to Disneyland in April when we go!! Thanks for the chance.

  27. kathy dunaway

    I love that bag and I would take it Everywhere I go.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  28. Angela J

    to my class reunion

  29. I would take it to our trip to Naples, Fl.

  30. What a gorgeous bag! I would take it with me everywhere!

  31. I would take it to California on vacation.

  32. Theresa Shafer

    Purse would look great as I tour in my mind Europe.

  33. Christine

    Everywhere I go

  34. Linda Lansford

    I would take it to work

  35. I would take that bag everywhere … it’s gorgeous!

  36. Following and tweeted {BreezyKim}

  37. allan lynn

    where ever and when i went anywhere

  38. Carmela P

    Oooh, I’d take this bag with my on my trip to England next Spring! How gorgeous would that be?? 😀

  39. Sheila B

    I would take it to Charlotte NC and to the grocery store and shopping with my daughter and even to Wally World (I lead a boring life,I know!)

  40. Sheila B

    Twitter following- tweet-

  41. I would take it everywhere.

  42. Catalina K

    I’d take this very elegant handbag at a dinner out on the town or at a summer afternoon cocktail party. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a contest.

  43. Catalina K

    I now follow @ParazulHandbags on Twitter and I have tweeted the contest message:

  44. Vicky H.

    I’d actually give the bag to my dad, so he can give it to his girlfriend when he meets up with her in the Philippines.

  45. Jack Palmer

    My wife would take this fabulous bag to work and make all her fellow employees jealous.

  46. Pamela Callahan

    This bag would go with everything – I would love to be seen walking around with this!

  47. tracy davis

    I would take it to Las Vegas

  48. everywhere is where..why save it for spoecial occasions when everyday should be cherished and special

  49. I would take it to Las Vegas with me

  50. i would take this shopping!!!

  51. That is the kind of bag that just makes you feel good – regardless of what kind of travel-related hassels you endure. Thanks Shannon!

  52. Cynthia C

    This bag would go everywhere with me starting with a trip to Seattle to visit my son.

  53. g. l. penrod

    sounds ideal for me

  54. I would carry this to my family christmas to show off in front of my 3 sisters hahahaha

  55. Oh, what a nice bag. I would take this bag EVERYWHERE I go. To work, to the store, to pick up the daughter at school. Especially on vacations to Disney World and to the spa and to wherever else the hubby plans to take me!

  56. I would take this fabulous handbag shopping on the magnificent mile and to santa fe!

  57. To The Homestead Resort on New Years Eve. You can read about that at

  58. I would take it to vegas! I’m a guy and it looks great!

  59. very cute

  60. Shirley Hodge

    I would give it to my daughter-in-law. She is a CNA so works everyday helping others, then comes home to take care of us and this house and asks for nothing and takes very little. She deserves the best and this bag with the scarf is certainly in that genre.

  61. whatinabox

    Where would I take this bag? On my upcoming family vacation!

  62. I would take that gorgeous bag with me on my trip to Seattle!

  63. paige chandler

    I’d take this bag to work every single day and to dinner. wow What a gorgeous bag.

  64. Mellissa C

    I would take this bag everywhere I go! I Love It!

  65. Sarah W.

    I would take a bag from the Alaska Collection to the World Eskimo Indian Olympics in Fairbanks, where I will merge the stylish charm of Alaska with the rugged Native showmanship.

  66. I would take this bag to Louisiana to visit you.

  67. Christina W.

    This will be my super duper bag.

  68. Jennifer C.

    I would take this bag on an upcoming vacation to Mexico!

  69. Jennifer C.

    I follow on twitter and tweeted! -Jcausby

  70. I would take this bag to the nursing home and give it to to mom.

  71. sign me up

  72. The best place to which I would be taking this splendid bag around with me would be simply everywhere; not so much because I’d be taking it myself, but because it would be beautifully wrapped around the left shoulder of my gorgeous girl 🙂

    One thing I’ve always loved about her is the way she takes her time to make herself look *classically* beautiful. You know, elegant and sophisticated. I think this handbag is exactly the style that would match her mode of dress, and I’d love to see her with it 😀

  73. I’d take this bag on the 30+ places I visit each year as a travel writer. Next stop = Mexico.

    PS. I tweeted for the extra entry.

  74. Emily R.

    I don’t go a lot of places, but this bag would go to the grocery store, to pick up my son from school and to take him to speech therapy.


  75. Bonnie D

    What a lovely bag. I would take it to my many trips to Disney World, all my cruises, New York City, New England, Nova Scotia and Alaska…..and anywhere else I can get to!! 😉

  76. This is a cute purse. I would take it on shopping trips with me. Thanks.

  77. Melissa W

    I saw the picture of this bag and said out loud, “wow”. this is so pretty and I would take it everywhere!!

  78. Debbie Welchert

    I would take this bag on shopping trips to Walmart.

  79. Sue Timmsen

    I’d take this great bag everywhere I could and hope it includes travel.

  80. Would take it next Spring to South Korea.

  81. I would take it everywhere. It seems like a practical, durable bag that would be appropriate in a variety of circumstances.

  82. Time of year for lots of travel. I would take it with me everywhere.

  83. Theresa D

    This is a really nice looking bag. I am heading on a cruise in March and I would take this bag with me.

  84. everywhere it is just magnificent and i want the world to see it thanks

  85. Theresa D

    I follow ParazulHandbags on twitter.(terri142)

  86. Jill Myrick

    This bag would be so perfect to carry to my husbands office Christmas party this year.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  87. danielle DeVizia

    i would take this bag for my company christmas party!

  88. I’d take this with me when my Aunt takes me to the ballet at Lincoln Center.

  89. everywhere of course

  90. Michelle P.

    I’d love to say that I’d take it “everywhere”…and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Lol, I’d take it everywhere. I’ve never flown outside of North America…so let’s just say that I’d bring it on my first trip abroad and every trip after that. I don’t know whether it’ll be to France or Italy or a third world country, but I’ll definitely enjoy it regardless. Not only does it look gorgeous and stylish, but it looks practical and spacious.

  91. Mimi the kitten

    I’ll take this to work, running errands, seeing friends…it’s too pretty not to take everywhere.

  92. Christie

    I’d take this bag to work and really, EVERYWHERE.

  93. Gaye McGill

    I’d be taking this bag to work and shopping and restaurants and everywhere else I go. If I had an opportunity to travel, I’d be taking it along on the trip.

  94. Marilyn Wons

    If I won this fabulous handbag I would take it shopping; to church; to my friends house; and just about everywhere else!

  95. Lighthouse27

    Oh I’d use the bag for everywhere, no sense saving ot for special reasons, have it, use it.

  96. Lighthouse27

    following @ParazulHandbags and tweeted,

  97. We are visiting Las Vegas in January – I’ll take this great bag. I’ll feel like a millionaire!

  98. Annette E

    I would show it off at work.

  99. jennifer O

    Vegas baby!! Love it!!!

  100. Sharon Seneker

    This bag would love to go with me to Sunset Beach, NC! Thanks!

  101. I’d take this when I went out to eat.

  102. This bag looks amazingly sophisticated. I would take it with me to job interviews and nights on the town. Something this great looking couldn’t be my every day hand bag though. Thanks for the opportunity to win this supercute bag!

  103. kelly wakefield

    I would take it on all of our swim meet trips (which are many – all year round!)

  104. I would take this on my upcoming trip to New York.

  105. I’d take it everywhere!!

  106. Tammi Worrell

    I would take that beautiful bag everywhere.

  107. Leslie Price

    I would take that bag everywhere with me, especially on vacation to Boston.

  108. Leslie Price

    Following/tweeted as lprice79.

  109. Jennifer gersch

    i would take this to london

  110. Sherri B.

    I would take this bag everywhere so everyone could be envious!!!! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  111. I would take it with me when my husband is on leave from overseas when we go out for a night by ourselves!

  112. I would love to carry this to meet my future in-laws.

  113. Karen Gonyea

    I’d use it for travel to my in-laws.

  114. Angela Winesburg

    I’d take it everywhere! To work, when I’m going out on the town or shopping! Thanks for the chance!

  115. Susan Ledet

    I love this bag and it’s the perfect size for me. I would carry this great bag everywhere….to dinner, out on the town, shopping and while on vacation.

  116. I would take it around town with me. Thanks!

  117. I would take it everywhere, shopping, church and out to eat.

  118. Greg Johnson

    I would take it on road trips!

  119. I would love to say I will take this gorgeous bag on my trip next month to Paris—well maybe in my dreams –I will take it everywhere I haven’t had a nice purse in years.

  120. Straight to Aruba it goes! 😀 Meanwhile, it will have to settle for a life of service around a pretty small town! I’m longing for a nice quality leather bag – part of starting over for the New Year for me this year is resolving to fight the frump! 😀

  121. What a great bag…I have a few trips planned for next year that this would be great!

  122. I would Take this Bag to the Casino when we go for New Years eve 🙂
    Tweeting & Following & subscribed
    .-= Jennifer P´s last blog ..JK8675309: RT @Cajun_Mama: Last day to enter giveaway of #travel inspired @ParazulHandbags =-.

  123. Gayle Morgan

    I would use this bag everyday and in my travels. It’s roomy and that’s what I like.

  124. Katie Coleman

    Oh, I would DEFINITELY take this bag to Miami when we go this year in February, and just about everywhere after that!! LOL

    What a beautiful bag, thank you for the great giveaway!!

  125. Does everywhere count??? I would definitely take this when I go out of Friday nights!
    Thanks for the chance!
    .-= Sheila Hickmon´s last blog ..Random stuff for ya =-.

  126. I’m following on twitter, and I tweeted!
    .-= Sheila Hickmon´s last blog ..Random stuff for ya =-.

  127. I want to take it with me on my New Year’s trip to the Bahamas. It would be great for Junkanoo!
    .-= Dana´s last blog ..Saturday’s Treasures =-.

  128. I’d take this bag wherever I go in my daily life, especially to my brother’s at Christmas in Michigan.


    follow on twitter as kngmckellar and tweeted

  130. I would take this fabulous bag with me out to dinner with my husband
    .-= Shilo Beedy´s last blog ..Club Entertaining Contest =-.

  131. Pamela S

    I would take it out a lot! I wouldn’t want it to be bored! But I’d also take it on vacation with my family next summer. thanks.

  132. I will carry this purse everywhere.

  133. I followed via twitter and RT.

  134. Christy Weller

    I would carry this bag with me to school, church, while out shopping, eating at fancy resturaunts.. pretty much everywhere.

  135. Julissa Nunez

    I would look trendy in my big move to Ohio for grad school!

  136. Sarah D.

    I’d take this bag on my yearly trip to Florida to visit my favorite cousin Emily.

  137. Sarah D.

    I follow on twitter and I tweeted:

  138. Happi Shopr

    this bag would become my ‘it’ bag and go everywhere with me

  139. Deborah R

    I would take it to NYC, DC and Turkey.

  140. Robbi Montgomery

    I would take my purse with me to Dominican Republic this summer. We are going with a large group of friends and high school graduates!!! 🙂

  141. Audrey Cain

    I would love this bag… I do need a new one but at Christmas, I have spent my money on everyone else. I would use it when I go to the Passion Play in September. My cancer clean trip!

  142. I would take this bag to the New Years Party our downtown has each year!

  143. Following on twitter as happeegirl and tweeted

  144. I would love to take this out on a hot date!

  145. Susan Smith

    This would be great to take to our trip to visit family this Christmas

  146. Joanna Smith

    I don’t feel you need to take a fancy cruise or travel to an exotic destination in order to wear this exquisite Parazul handbag. I would wear this magnificent handbag anywhere and everywhere I go! I believe in treating everyday like it is a special day, and whether I am wearing my favorite jeans with a classic white button up the front top, or I am wearing my favorite little black dressy dress, I am use this stunning Parazul handbag to give all of my outfits that complete, classic polished look! I want to feel feminine, glamorous and euro-chic everyday, whether I am being a soccer mom or out with friends attending a fancy dinner, a handbag like this one from Parazul will become my favorite “go to” accessory so I know I will always look and feel my personal best.
    I truly believe your handbag is just as important a fashion accessory as the clothes you wear and owning fine quality accessories have no business being stored away in your closet just waiting for that cruise vacation or exotic trip. You should live your life like you are on vacation everyday, always striving to make the most out of each and everyday. I want this Parazul handbag to be a part of that journey I take everyday.

    Thanks so much for the chance to enter and Happy Holidays to all!

  147. Joanna Smith

    I am now following @ParazulHandbags on twitter and I also sent out a tweet:

  148. Maja Meza

    to nevada

  149. Tim Hughes

    I would take this wonderful bag right down the hall to my daughters room and give it to her. She on the other hand will probably take it to school, the mall and who knows where else.

  150. Deborah Buffamanti

    I’d take this lovely bag all around San Diego, CA with me. 🙂

  151. Tiffany S.

    I would carry it everywhere – shopping and maybe even out to dinner with my husband for date night. Thank you!

  152. hazel hunt

    Would love to win this!!

  153. I would take this on our 34th anniversary date this month! Georgeous!

  154. Follow and tweet!~

  155. Diane Baum

    To the Detroit Art Institute

  156. Renee Richardson

    If I won I would use it on an overnight with my husband. With 3 small children I don’t know the last time we had alone time but when we get it I would definitly use this bag 🙂 Thanks for the great contest and Happy Holidays

  157. Kelly Ann T.

    I would take this bag back to college when I start next semister. I would also take it to work and church. This bag would go everywhere.

  158. kay wolter

    I do not twit but I have a 13 year old and I am in transition heading to a new phase in life and My stained ugly purse is really bad Please pick Me..

  159. lilshuga2001

    to work, to the gym, to the mall….to court lol

  160. Jennifer

    I would take this great bag with me on a weekend getaway with my husband to the city.

  161. I would take it to all my wedding appts’
    .-= Miranda Allen´s last blog ..***GiveAway*** HField Wi-Fire Wifi Booster =-.

  162. I would take it with me on the NYC trip I’m planning for next year.

  163. This bag would be great to take along for everyday shopping

  164. Veronica Garrett

    I would take this handbag with me when I go shopping and on my upcoming trip to Los Angeles.

  165. follow on twitter and tweeted

  166. I would take it to NY/NJ for our Christmas trip!

  167. I would take it everywhere I go.

  168. I follow you on Twitter. ladyt64

  169. Charlene Kuser

    I will take this bag with me when I go to the Bahama’s

  170. A Christmas Party 🙂

  171. Heather C

    I’d take it to NYC!

  172. I’d love to use it during my summer vacation next year. Looking at the bag, it would’ve been great to have when I visited Miami or anytime we’d visit a warm or more tropical locale (light-colored bag for lighter-colored wardrobe).

  173. Victoria Conrad

    I would take it to my mother’s house for her mother’s day gift.

  174. Wow, it’s so nice to find a travel bag that combines such high style with practicality. Having built in sections for passport and travel documents would make these perfect for a getaway.
    .-= Noelle´s last blog ..Bold Red Handbags For Women =-.

  175. I could see myself wearing this on a round the world cruise! Very elegant.
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES =-.

  176. what a dainty looking bag!
    .-= Giabella´s last blog ..HANDBAGS & ACCESSORIES =-.

  177. I would take this purse on our Hawaiian cruise for our 30th anniversary!

  178. I actually won the bag in the picture above when I went on my honeymoon ( royal carribean cruise) last year. I couldn’t believe it. The bag is really roomy and goes with a lot of different colors and clothing styles because of its “nude” color.

  179. I like this. I’d take this when I went out to eat.