Bunn Phase Brew and Community Coffee

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I’ve been on the hunt for a really good coffee maker. I even asked around on how to get one of those office quality brewers from Bunn, but they were a bit out of my prices range. Then, my favorite coffee company finally began to offer a Bunn home brewing system. I was about to place a personal order online when Community Coffee sent me a Bunn Phase Brew to review. This home coffee brewing system is a new product available at www.CommunityCoffee.com and is sold as a package with five pounds of Community Coffee, two logo travel tumblers and one logo coffee scoop.

The Bunn Phase Brew works different than my previous coffee maker. It takes a few more minutes to brew than my cheaper coffee maker, but oh, when I tasted that first cup, I could already tell there was a difference. Brewing my Community Dark Roast on the Bunn Phase Brew produced a less bitter tasting coffee. I never considered Community to have a bitter taste to begin with, but the Bunn made the coffee even better. Below you can see Bunn demonstrate the sprayhead which evenly delivers water through the coffee grounds.

Bunn professional brewers have been a staple in most office building around the US. Now, I can enjoy an even better cup of Community Coffee each morning thanks to Bunn Brewers and Community Coffee. But what makes it so special?

  • Patented technology and the first of its kind for home use
  • Preheats water for improved extraction and exceptional taste
  • Brews coffee at 200 degrees vs. other home brewers at 165 degrees
  • Delivers a restaurant quality cup of coffee

The Bunn Phase Brew package currently retails for a limited time at $99 on www.CommunityCoffee.com. For discounts on Community Coffee or to be alerted on sales, be sure to follow Community Coffee on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.

Disclosure: The Bunn Phase Brewer Home Brewer was provided by Community Coffee for review purposes.

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  1. Thanks, Shannon, for the information on the Bunn Phase Brew package. I’m on the hunt for a new coffee maker. Sounds like the Bunn and Community Coffee might be a good choice for me.

  2. Shannon – Glad to hear the Phase Brew helped you brew a delicious cup of Community Coffee. If you ever have any questions about your brewer, please let us know. Bunn.Marketing@bunn.com

  3. Have you tried the dark roast with a different spray head? If so how did it taste? Thank you