Carnival steps up the cocktails with Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements #FunShip2dot0

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If you don’t know by now, I do enjoy a good cocktail. Properly mixed, cocktails are tasty and don’t cause a hangover. In the past, I chosen to stick with traditional frozen drinks or tried and true cocktails, such as a margarita or similar. Recently, on the Carnival Liberty, I took part in a media cruise where we were introduced to Fun Ship 2.0, a new take on entertainment and dining on Carnival Cruise Lines.

One of the areas on board the Carnival Liberty that was my favorite place for pre- and after-dinner drinks was Alchemy Bar. I wrote about that venue on, but wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on the cocktail experience itself.

There’s a big difference in taste and quality when you compare premixed drinks with a fresh ingredient cocktail. I did walk around other areas of the Carnival Liberty and tried a cocktail at The Punchliner Comedy Club. The drink was called a Zany Zombie and after sitting at Alchemy Bar and trying a few of their potions, the Zany Zombie tasted like it just crawled out of a graveyard. I took one sip, and didn’t touch it the rest of the evening. The quality of cocktails at Alchemy Bar spoiled me for the rest of the cruise.

I did spend some time at RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar, both of which offer pretty tasty cocktails themselves, but Alchemy Bar wins for best mixology, hands down.

French Kiss cocktail at Alchemy Bar on Carnival Fun Ship 2.0Custom cocktail Wild in Paris (or Le Cath) at Alchemy Bar Carnival Fun Ship 2.0The Bold and Youthful Berritini at Alchemy Bar Carnival Fun Ship2.0You can check out my Carnival Fun Ship 2.0 adventure on Thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for inviting me on this research cruise.