Community Coffee is my Travel Companion

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It may sound weird to hear that a coffee brand is my travel companion, but it’s true. I’m not a paid spokesperson for the company. I’m just a life-long loyal consumer of Community Coffee. Here in Louisiana, especially south Louisiana, we’ve been raised on this coffee. I’m the fourth generation in my family to start my mornings with Community Coffee.

When I travel, I’ve always found hotel coffee to be distasteful. That’s why I bring my own with me, wherever I go. Plus, it’s helped me stay sane when the journey goes awry. Here are some of the places Community Coffee has traveled with me:

Community Coffee has accompanied me to Walt Disney World when I was a chaperone for a middle school dance team. Unfortunately I didn’t pack enough of the 4-cup filter packs and ran out. Fortunately for me, and the girls I was watching over, another parent had brought an entire pound of Community Coffee for their room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort.

Community Coffee on the Road

On another trip to Walt Disney World, my husband and I woke up at 3:30AM so that we could get an early start. We sipped Community Coffee on the back porch watching the stars glittering in the early morning sky. I put on my sequined Minnie ears left over from a previous Disney trip and woke the kids up to start our road trip where we would be staying at an orlando family resort. They thought I was insane, but laughed and giggled as they loaded up our Chevy truck.

Community Coffee on the Road

Then there’s the time my husband and I traveled to the Island of Lanai in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. We were on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Honolulu where we were to connect with an Island Air shuttle to Lanai. Our flight on American Airlines was delayed due to a mechanical problem and we were stuck on the plane, at the gate, for more than two hours. We ended up missing our connecting flight, which was the last one of the evening. Due to the fact that we were flying on a different airline, American Airlines didn’t want to take any responsibility for us being stranded in Honolulul overnight. After a bit of a discussion, they did put us up at the Ohana Airport Hotel for the night until we could catch a flight to Lanai the next morning. Granted, it wasn’t our oceanfront suite in Hawaii at the Four Seasons Lanai Manele Bay, but it was a clean place to sleep. Thank goodness I had some Community Coffee to start our next day of travels out in a positive way.

Community Coffee on the Road

A few months later I flew American Airlines to San Francisco. Yes, my flight was delayed again, missing a connection in Dallas giving me 30 minutes to check into my hotel and meet for a nice dinner in San Francisco at The Slanted Door. I was cool with it. I made it just in time, but when I flew back home the next day, not only did I have a delayed flight, but my connection to Baton Rouge was completely cancelled. The American Airlines representative claimed the flight was cancelled due to weather, but strangely enough, none of the other airports near home were closed. I was stranded at DFW, with no gates or shops open and absolutely no assistance from American Airlines. I quickly got online with my Boingo Wireless and managed to secure a room at the Holiday Inn Express Dallas Ft. Worth Airport South in Irving. It was so late that all hotel shuttles had stopped for the night. I called the hotel and the night manager was able to get the shuttle driver to turn around to pick me up. The room was spacious and clean and had a 4-cup coffee maker. The next morning, my days started out right, with my trusty cup of Community Coffee comforting me in my time of need.

Community Coffee on the Road

I don’t just carry 4-cup filter packs with me when I travel. I also bring along the single cup coffee pods for when I stay at Hilton Hotels and Resorts. They use the pod coffee brewers, like the one at Hilton McLean Tyson’s Corner. If I could only get Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Delta Airlines to serve Community Coffee, then I’d be one happy woman.

Community Coffee on the Road

It’s not all about traveling out of town with Community Coffee as my companion. I do have a collection of travel tumblers and mugs that accompany when I’ve traveling around town or even enroute to the airport.

Community Coffee on the Road

Community Coffee on the Road

While I don’t expect everyone in the world to be Community Coffee drinkers (only because they’ve never tried it) I’d love to know if you bring coffee with you when you travel and how you pack it with you. Instant coffee doesn’t count!

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  1. You are a crazy lady with your coffee!! I adore the Carnivale Cake from Community that you gave me.

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  3. Sandee Helms

    Where do you get the pods? Do they work for my KEURIG?

  4. It sounds interesting with coffee community.Thank for sharing

  5. I was just introduced to Community Coffee during the National Restaurant Show in Chicago in May. It is delicious!