Coonie’s Boudin Burgers

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When I was an itty bitty girl, I spent many afternoons at my Cajun great grandmother’s house on Wyandotte Street in Baton Rouge. All the kids called her Granny, but most everyone else called her Coonie, which was short for CoonA$$.

When there was boudin in her house, you could bet that a day or two later there would be boudin burgers. Granny made boudin burgers and would always place a fried egg on top before placing between two slices of white bread. I had completely forgotten about this concoction until my recent visit to Parlor Market in Jackson, Mississippi. This past weekend I made boudin burgers for my family. I guess they turned out alright because my picky eater and boudin loving teen son ate two of these.

Boudin Burger Recipe:

  • 3-4 links of smoked boudin
  • 2 eggs (optional)
  • Flour
  • Buns

Take the casing or skin off of the boudin links and place in mixing bowl. If boudin stuffing is a little dry, add two eggs and mix by hand. Form patties and roll in flour. Pan fry until golden brown. Place on lightly toasted buns and dress with mustard, pickles, and even a fried egg like my Granny usrd to enjoy.

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  1. hongvan

    Such delicous coonies boudin burgers. can not wait to make this now.Thanks so much for your sharing