Eye on Malaysia

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The second night in Kuala Lumpur, all the travel writers were gathered at a hotel for a buffet dinner. Then, we were ushered into our vehicles for a police escort to the Eye on Malaysia unveiling. The locals had been there all day enjoying the festivities. The media was brought to a seating area for a concert and performance. The Prime Minister was ro make an entrance later. Every time someone mentioned the Prime Minister of Malaysia, I snickered inside as thoughts of Zoolander entered my mind.
Costumed girls made their procession through the crowds. I was waiting for someone to throw me some beads, but then I remembered I was in Malaysia, not New Orleans.
The concert and performances began, as did the rain. I was seated next to Jared and behind the Dublin ladies. We started chatting and then the Australian gang joined us. Behind me was the editor from the Seoul Times who was pleasant to converse with. All the Malaysian superstars were singing on stage, but everyone sat in their seats. The Dublin Ladies and I started dancing while we giggled at the Saudi writers who were so excited to be able to dance and listen to music. There were news crews from all over and I think I was on television in 10 different countries that night.

After the festivities, the Australians and Dublin Ladies invited me for some grog. Jared was ready to get back to the hotel, so I piled into the Australian van where we went to Legends Bar for a beer. I was unaware at the the time that this was a Malaysian version of a strip club. Due to their culture, the girls wore more than I see in nightclubs here in Louisiana.

We all had a nice chat, with me explaining that “No, Jared is not my husband,” and exchanged cards, promising to email. The Dublin Ladies shared a cab with me back to the hotel. Such nice people.