FYI: Cheerwine is NOT the soft drink of the South

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I’m Southern, born and raised. I have never in my life heard of Cheerwine before. Supposedly it’s been around since 1917 and markets itself as the singular soft drink of the South.


If anything, those little glass bottle Coca-Colas with peanuts might be able to claim that distinction. Or an RC Cola. Or heck, lets just go with the classic sweet tea, even though it technically isn’t a soft drink.

But calling this the soft drink of the South? I don’t think so. You can’t even find this in Louisiana or Mississippi. Kudos to the company for the marketing try, but they need to stick with “Nectar of North Carolina” so they don’t offend any other southerners.

Also, I have never tasted Cheerwine, so I can’t speak about the actual flavor and if it is a refreshing soft drink.

What’s your take on Cheerwine?