How to Help Louisiana Flood Victims

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Many of my friends have been asking how they can help and know that they are directly assisting people in need during this Great Louisiana Flood of 2016. Instead of sending things off in a truck that will end up at a shelter, why not consider donating to or adopting one particular family in need? It begins one by one. South Louisiana and my home city of Baton Rouge are strong and resilient.

Aimee Strength

The families are busy trying to salvage what they can, removing moldy items, and hoping to get their homes habitable as soon as possible. When families have to take the time to source items from shelters and donation sites, it takes away valuable time necessary to save important items such as family photos and documents before complete ruin beyond restoration.

I’ve put together a list of friends and family I know personally who have been affected by this natural disaster. Here are a few of their stories and how to assist them directly…

Aimee Flood

Yaya Recovery Fund – A number of my dear friends have lost everything, and while they are in the process of cleaning and salvaging what they can, I’ve set up this donation button for anyone who wants to help a few mothers and their children. We’ll be splitting the funds evenly between them via their Paypal and purchasing necessary items to have them shipped directly. These women are so special to me. During the time of my own need last year, as I faced brain surgery, they gathered together in friendship to offer me their love and support.

Kim, a single mother of two

Yaya Kim's house in Pride, Louisiana
Yaya Kim’s house in Pride, Louisiana


Yaya Kim's daughter's toys flooded
Yaya Kim’s daughter’s toys flooded


Aimee's loss in the flood
Yaya Aimee’s Belongings


The Fry Family – I went to high school with the mom and dad of this family of 7. They are currently staying at my home while they try and salvage what is left of their home. They’ve lost almost everything. Please consider helping out this sweet family as they rebuild.

St. George Firefighter’s Flood Relief Fund – While many firefighters were on duty rescuing thousands, their families were at home with floodwaters rising. This is the fire department where I am employed and I have watched so many of my coworkers continue to work tirelessly to save people and they lost their own homes as well. In an effort to help these employees continue to protect the community, the off duty firefighters who still have homes have formed a group that goes around and tackled a few firefighter’s houses each day with recovery and salvage.

Miranda Weimer’s Family – I’ve been in the fire service for 22 years and have worked along side Miranda’s father, Dean Weimer.

Rick Portier – Rick is an Emmy Award winning videographer who lost his home while working the flood coverage. His wife managed to save his Emmy and two duffle bags of belongings before the water came up. You can reach out to him directly via his blog or WAFB the news station where he works. They are busy gutting their house and trying to rebuild yet he is still continuing to provide news coverage when he can.

Baton Rouge Food Bank – All the food in the food bank was contaminated in the floods and had to be thrown out.

There are many, many stories out there and I will update as I verify legitimacy. I will not be deleting spam comments on this post only to keep scammers from having an outlet. Feel free to email me if you’d like more information or would like to get in touch with me. I have limited internet access, so please be patient if you do not get an immediate response. Also, most churches in the cities of Zachary, Central, Baker, Denham Springs, Baton Rouge, and surrounding areas in Louisiana are helping those in their areas.

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