National Champagne Day #ChampagneDay

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Champers. Bubbly. Both monikers for the epitome of that libation for celebrations – sparkling white wine from the Champagne region of France. Not all sparkling wines are Champagne. And today is National Champagne Day, to recognize this special, unique adult beverage that is bottled with high standards in the traditional way and differentiates itself from all other sparkling wines.


For me, I drink Champagne more often than not. I don’t wait for a wedding or a book deal to be signed. I celebrate the everyday: A special trip, an upgrade to Business Class on a flight, surviving a hurricane, or having a beautiful moment with someone dear to my heart.

Champagne at Houmas House Plantation

I also collect Champagne glasses from around the world. Sometimes I purchase them new, and other times I purchase them from antique or secondhand shops. I always wonder who the previous owner of the glass was and what did they celebrate when their glass was filled with this iconic bubbly beverage. Was it a wedding that lasted 50 years, or was it someone alone, contemplating life?

Shannon sipping Champagne

Today I shall open a bottle of true Champagne and toast life. I’ll celebrate the joys and the sorrows that have brought me to today, making me the person I am. I will celebrate having the strength to keep going when I sometimes wanted to drop to my knees and give up on everything. I will celebrate being a mother and having to make tough decisions, such as sacrificing my own happiness at times to make sure my children had what they needed to grow into the people they are today. I will even celebrate Mr. Miyagi, that life partner of mine that takes up a small place in my head, but such a big place in my soul. If anything, Mr. Miyagi has helped me gain wisdom on when to stay and when to walk away from things in life, no matter how hard the decision may be.

Today I celebrate being me.

The Vino Couch

It’s National Champagne Day. What will you celebrate?

Be sure to check out the Champagne Bureau twitter feed for tips on how to enjoy your Champagne.