Nokia Adds to the Lumia Family + Updates Creative Studio App

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On my way home from Scotland a couple of weeks ago, I made a detour through London for a Nokia media event. It was exciting to be there in person for the reveal of the Lumia 925 and to see the recently leaked Lumia 928 in person. I tested the new devices and experienced some of the newer features, such as enhanced low-light photography and video, interchangeable colored charging plates for the 925, and being introduced to some fun new apps.

I haven’t had the chance to fully experience these new devices in everyday use as of yet, but I did get to meet some bloggers through Nokia Connects and learn some tips and tricks for my own Lumia 920 that travels with me everywhere.

The evening of my arrival, Nokia Connects hosted a blogger networking event at Nokia’s Paddington location in London with the Nokia social team. Bloggers from all over the globe gathered to meet and network before the next day’s big event.

Tech bloggers networking at Nokia Paddington Offices

Nokia Connects blogger networking event at Nokia London Paddington office

The next morning, after a lovely breakfast with a few of my new tech blogger friends, we walked to the Nokia event in the Covent Garden area of London. It was a morning of being introduced to the newest members of the Lumia family. The Lumia 928 was announced as being available on the Verizon network here in the US and the Lumia 925 with T-Mobile available soon.

Nokia event credentials

Bloggers and tech media at Nokia Lumia 925 launch

Nokia Lumia 925 media launch in London

What were my first thoughts regarding the Nokia Lumia 925 when I first laid eyes on it? If the Lumia 925 was a man, I would probably marry it. It’s sexy, sleek, stunning, and oh so smart. I want one and I want it to travel the world with me. The Lumia line, so far, has kept me organized (with Office 365 and Skydrive), helps me take decent food photos in restaurants without all the flash annoyance (thanks to the low light photo capabilities), and I’m now able to travel with a smaller number of gadgets (I put down the large camera and now just travel with this Carl Zeiss lens smartphone).

Nokia Lumia 925 launch event in London

Now I can’t wait to actually get my hands on the Lumia 925 and take it on an adventure. Until then, I still have my trusty Lumia 920 (on the AT&T network) and was just delivered the stunning Lumia 928 on Verizon (it still needs to be unboxed). Right now I’m having fun with the updated Creative Studio app. The updates to this app have been somewhat overshadowed by the new gadgets announced, but with the app update and my discovery of Instance (an unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phones), I am one happy mama.

Here are a few examples of pics taken during my latest travels and enhanced with the Creative Studio app. It’s exclusive to Nokia and is free to download in the Windows Store.


Original London Image taken with Nokia Lumia 920
London image taken with Nokia Lumia 920 enhanced with Color Pop option in Creative Studio app


Original image in Grand Cayman taken with Nokia Lumia 920Grand Cayman image taken with Nokia Lumia 920 enhanced with Focus Object option of Creative Studio app


Original Las Vegas image taken with Nokia Lumia 920

Las Vegas image taken with Nokia Lumia 920 enhanced with cropping, filter, & focus object option of Creative Studio App


Original Louisiana image taken with the Nokia Lumia 920Louisiana image taken with Nokia Lumia 920 edited with filter and focus object options of Creative Studio app

I’m no professional photographer, but I sure am having fun with the updated Creative Studio app for Lumia phones and traveling the globe with a Nokia Lumia device. It’s so easy and quick to edit photos and upload them to your favorite social media outlets. All it takes is a light swipe of your finger across the touchscreen. Like a fine wine, the Lumia family keeps getting better and better.