Nokia introduces Sexy 41MP Sensor HD 1080p video Smartphone 808 PureView at #MWC12 #NokiaMWC

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Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain is in full swing and the press releases for the event have been flooding my inbox. It seems every company is releasing a new phone and it makes me yawn. I am a big fan of Nokia’s quality built products and before MWC had been keeping up with rumors and speculation regarding the brand’s upcoming announcements (Lumia 610 in various colors including Magenta, an HD 1080p video capture smartphone).

Last year, just before MWC Nokia announced their partnership with Microsoft’s Windows Phone. This year, with the Lumia 900 being leaked just before the CES 12 announcement, Nokia held their cards close and even rumor were far and few between for this worldwide mobile industry event. Here’s the teaser for Nokia PureView that was revealed on the company’s official YouTube channel last week:

I couldn’t find much about Nokia Pure View before MWC, then I found reference on Reuter’s and also, which alluded to a higher-end camera phone with HD 1080p video capabilities to be released. What? OMG. Will it be available in the US? Now I’m confused as well as excited. Should I get the Nokia Lumia 900 or hold out to see if the Pure View comes to the US? I absolutely fell in love with the Carl Zeiss Optics found on the Nokia N8, and this will also be offered on the Lumia 900, as I mentioned in the post Quest for the Ultimate Smartphone for Travel. But what the heck is going on?

I feel like I’m starved for technology and stumbled across the ultimate smartphone menu, but I only have enough in my budget for one entree. I want it all, the appetizer, entree, and dessert. And I want wine pairings with each course.

Nokia 808 PureView 41MP HD 1080p video smartphone announced at MWC (image provided by Nokia)This morning I woke up to news that took my breath away; Nokia made a number of product announcements, but the Nokia 808 Pureview blew every other announcement at MWC out the water. Here are the official details from Nokia:

The Nokia 808 PureView features a large, high-resolution 41 megapixel sensor with high-performance Carl Zeiss optics and new pixel oversampling technology. At standard resolutions (2/3, 5 and 8 megapixels) this means the ability to zoom without loss of clarity and capture seven pixels of information, condensing into one pixel for the sharpest images imaginable. At high-resolution (38 megapixel maximum) it means the ability to capture an image, then zoom, reframe, crop and resize afterwards to expose previously unseen levels of details. With superior low-light performance and the ability to save in compact file sizes for sharing in email, MMS, and on social networks, the Nokia 808 PureView makes it possible for anyone to capture professional looking images in any conditions.

In addition to superior still imaging technology, the Nokia 808 PureView, also includes full HD 1080p video recording and playback with 4X lossless zoom and the world’s first use of Nokia Rich Recording. Rich Recording enables audio recording at CD-like levels of quality, previously only possible with external microphones. The Nokia 808 PureView also features exclusive Dolby Headphone technology, transforming stereo content into a personal surround sound experience over any headphones and Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel surround sound playback.

“Nokia PureView imaging technology sets a new industry standard by whatever measure you use,” said Jo Harlow, executive vice president of Nokia Smart Devices. “People will inevitably focus on the 41 megapixel sensor, but the real quantum leap is how the pixels are used to deliver breath-taking image quality at any resolution and the freedom it provides to choose the story you want to tell.”

I don’t know what this news will mean to you, but for someone who depends on compact devices to capture moments of travel adventures to share with the world, I’m extremely excited by the imaging technology coming from Nokia. And the excitement doesn’t stop with imaging, but also the unbelievable Dolby Digital audio that can capture better sound quality than is currently on the market with smartphones. Is the sexy Nokia 808 PureView the answer to my problem? We’ll see. It’s slated to be released in May with a price tag of 450EUR. No word yet on a US release.

If you are interested in Nokia’s news and announcements at Mobile World Congress 2012, be sure to follow the official MWC hashtag on Twitter or Nokia’s hashtag #NokiaMWC.