Shine Like a Diamond in Vegas #2013CES

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This marks my third year of attendance at CES. In the tech world, I’m still in that toddler stage, but in my world, I’m learning the ins and outs have become somewhat of a veteran. The third time’s the charm for me. My schedule is filled, but I made sure to leave room for the unexpected. In my years of traveling the globe, with and without electronic gadgets, I’ve learned to plan for the worst and hope for the best. I’ll be there armed with my mobile devices for immediate social sharing of my moments onsite, but the writer in me still has a need to carry around the reporter’s notebook and a slick pen for handwriting notes.

Welcome to Las Vegas LAS Airport by Shannon Hurst Lane

I’m a bit of a goofball. Spastic even. If there is a potential for disaster to occur, 9 times out of 10 it will happen and somehow I’ll find myself smack dab in the middle of it. I might be lucky at the slots when I’m in Vegas, but beyond that, there’s where my luck runs out. Especially with phones. Nokia phones in particular. In taxis. I’ve managed to lose not one, but two Nokia phones in Vegas taxis. And then there’s an entirely different story with me and iPhones. iPhones manage to become nautical once placed in my hand.

This year, my purpose is twofold. It isn’t just to research and gather fodder for articles. I’m determined to break the cycle of my phone follies and have armed myself with a few new mobile devices to keep track of. Backups for my backups even. Of course, I’ll follow and report the CES big trends of this year’s show, but my real joy is in discovering the stories behind the independent companies in attendance, or the conversations that occur during the networking events. It’s finding the diamond in the rough that makes me smile.

CES Exhibit Hall image by Shannon Hurst Lane

LG 3D TV crowd at CES by Shannon Hurst Lane

The frequent business traveler in me will be searching for the gadgets, products, and apps that will entertain and inform the readers of Business Traveler Magazine. The feature is slated for the February 2013 issue, there will be tweets and teasers online with that focus.

Home appliances at CES

The consumer and mom in me is on the prowl for innovative home appliances and lifestyle products that enhance everyday living. Short of having my own Rosie the Robot, my domestic life could use much improvement. I’ll be sharing my CES discoveries of this nature each weeknight on WOIO 19 Action News in Cleveland, OH. Clips of the coverage will be online soon after it airs and I’ll be sure to share the videos.

The wandering writer in me is on a quest to find the latest gadgets and mobile devices to assist me personally in being more productive when I’m living as a digital nomad. I’m so tired of having to leave behind a pair of fabulous shoes to make room in my suitcase for all the cameras and computer equipment I need to work remotely. I don’t even own a desktop computer anymore because my life is mobile. I need and want lighter, durable, and higher quality mobile production devices.

Lenovo computers at CES networking party

All my friends at home think I’m always off on a holiday, taking vacations. While I would love to check out a number of spas, enjoy a few shows, and nosh on some delicious cuisine, I’m in Vegas to work. But I’m still lucky because it’s fun work.

And now it’s time for me to charge all my batteries, pack some sparkly shoes, and make sure I keep track of all the phones on my person while in Las Vegas taxis. I’m very excited to see the latest and greatest coming from the electronics industry, and of course I can’t wait to cross paths with old friends and acquaintances. 2013 is starting itself off with lots of glitter and good stuff. I can’t wait to find a few of those diamonds and leave Vegas with sparkles in my eyes and a smile on my face. Shine like a diamond!

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