Viral Violin Video filmed at The Ice Castles at Silverthorn in Colorado

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Lindsey Stirling’s Dubstep Violin video of Crystallize offers not only a beautiful composition of electric music, but the videography showcases the ethereal beauty of The Ice Castles at Silverthorn. Located near Colorado’s ski destinations of Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, and Vail, the Silverthorn Ice Castles offer a chance to step inside a fairy tale.

Constructed by hand, using ice and water as the sole building materials, this enchanted forest of twinkling walkways and illuminated ice formations provides a surreal setting for the latest video by YouTube artist Lindsey Stirling. In just days, the video had over one million views, highlighting not only Lindsey’s talent, but also this magical destination that will soon melt away to become a memory.

Tours of The Ice Castles at Silverthorn are open daily with varying hours and dependent on weather conditions. Admission is $10 for a one time adult pass and $7.50 for kids. Each year the Ice Castles are built in a different location, by ice castle artist Brent Christensen.

Check out the official Ice Castles website:

And Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube Channel: LindseyStomp