Wild Hibiscus – Flowers in Syrup

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I adore bubbly drinks and pretty Champagne glasses, but when you add this Australian garnish to the mix, it’s absolute luxury. 

I picked up a sample of Wild Hibiscus when making my walk through the swag room at Tales of the Cocktail. When I returned home, my neighbor Paige Bowers brought over a little something she picked up during a recent Napa trip, which provided the perfect opportunity to open the jar of Wild Hibiscus. 

I placed on flower in each Champagne glass and the topped with Viansa Scintillare. Once we drained our glasses, we then ate the flower, which had a delicious raspberry and rhubarb flavor. 

Each jar contains 11 flowers and they are home grown and hand made in Sydney, Australia by a small family owned company. The product can be found at select retail stores around the globe, including Whole Foods here in the US. You can also place online orders at http://wildhibiscus.com/


This product really makes a glass of bubbly even THAT more decadent. This garnish can also be used in a variety of cocktails.