You’re never too old for water slides

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I realize that 37 isn’t really that old, but when you think of water slides and roller coasters, some people do think that their time for kid-like adventures has passed. Not me. I love the thrill of trying new things and just laughing out loud.

When researching stories for, I follow the school of writing about my actual experiences. This means, I can’t write about a place unless I’ve actually visited there. Or, with attractions and activities, I can’t tell you how fun an activity is unless I’ve actually participated in the experience.

In the name of pure research while on the Carnival Magic, I put on my swimsuit, climbed up the stairs, and pushed little kids out of my way so that I could check out Carnival’s Waterworks. This was some serious work, braving the blistering winds and taking the chance that one of the kids was the child of one of the many Russians onboard. There were so many Russians, that I just KNEW this had to be an incentive cruise for members of the Russian Mafia or something. They all seemed nice, unless it was mealtime at the Marketplace Buffet. I stopped counting how many times a Russian grandmother would cut in line to get to get a hot dish.

Below is the finished product of all that research. The Twister at Carnival Waterworks was a fun and fast ride. It was good, wet fun and I know when the Carnival Magic begins to cruise from the port of Galveston, there will be a long line of little kids for me to push out of the way so I can try out the Drainpipe. I can’t wait!

The full article is available on Carnival Magic Cruise Waterworks. For the record, I’ll be sliding down water slides and riding roller coasters until I stop breathing.